Robotonchip webstore is opened.

Robotonchip is licensable embedded software that supports

– Autonomous any scale (small to larger) multihop mesh networking over radio and serial interface
– Runtime programmable application robot, that supports distributed messaging and hardware peripheral programming with easy program statements
– Terminal console interface for system management and programming by human or application

With Robotonchip, embedded systems that used to take years to develop by high skilled software designers, can be now done in few weeks with basic computer and hardware skills. With Robotonchip, only Robotonchip embedded software on board and generic terminal emulator with serial console support running on computer, tablet or smartphone, is needed to develop the complete system.

Robotonchip is ideal solution for distributed
– Internet of things
– Measurement and control systems
– Embedded systems
– Robotic systems

In first phase preorders for prepreview versions are available.
Robotonchip Ltd