I am supposed to write about what Robotonchip does or what
it is. However, it is challenging to describe it in nutshell. The more you know
of it, the more aspects are growing significant.

In any case it is better to start from somewhere. Main
points will be seen on the path. Also, the importance may vary depending of
evaluator. I think best is start with minimal defined terminology where the
concept used is included from the beginning.

Some terms to be used:
– Robotonchip: is company utilizing principles of Robotics on
System of Chips developing for e.g. IoT purposes.
– IoT: Internet of Things
– Mesh networks: wireless or wired network of equal
communicating devices. Natural communication concept for Robotics on System on
– System on Chip: includes processor, memories and wireless
and/or wired communication interfaces on same integrated circuit (chip). Often
minimal combination of those resources to reach cheap unit price.

Robotics on System on Chips, as we define it, includes at simplest:

1) a process for reading sensors, a process for control (decision making) and a
process to set actuator states.
2) The processes shall be divided among 2 or
more System
on Chip (SoC) devices using effective communication routing protocol for
inter-process communication between SoC devices. All the devices of network not
necessary include mentioned processes but can act as message routing instances
when needed
3) The device processes shall be re-programmable on run-time to
enable robotics. The devices shall be possible to re-initiate to perform
different tasks from project to another or inside a running project when
required. Naturally there might be more elements included but this I could
identify as smallest set to have Robotics on System on Chips.

More definitions in next blog entries.